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We relentlessly drive innovation to develop and integrate engineering solutions that protect our government clients’ mission-critical operations.

Secure IT and scalable solutions to protect and improve the lives of citizens.

Infrastructure Optimization, Cloud Migration, Cyber Security, Big Data Engineering


Innovative Data Partners (IDP) is a proven Joint Venture (JV), comprised of PositivePsyche.Biz Corp and T-Rex Solutions, LLC.


Cognizant of the Federal government’s need to protect and leverage the power of data, IDP offers IT and professional services to Federal agencies, providing high quality and innovative solutions in IT modernization and transformation, including infrastructure optimization, cloud migration, cybersecurity, big data engineering, and the support of mission-critical operations.


IDP partners have gained valuable experience through the implementation of complex IT modernization projects with aggressive schedules, size/scale, and critical cyber data protection requirements. We pride ourselves in fostering a culture of innovation, mitigating risk, saving time and money and improving benefit-to-cost-ratios for our government clients.

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Our Clients

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518210 Data Processing

541511 Custom Computer Programming

541512 Computer System Design

541513 Computer Facilities Management

541519 Other Computer Services

541611 General Management

541614 Process Phys Distribution & Logistics

561210 Facilities Support

  • Artificial Intelligence (including Machine Learning)

  • Autonomic Computing 

  • Quantum Computing 

  • Robotic Process Automation 

  • Technological Convergence

  • Data Management (Engineering and Analytics)

  • Digital Transformation

  • Information and Communications Technology 

  • IT Operations and Maintenance 

  • IT Security

  • IT workforce augmentation

  • Software Development 

  • Systems Design (Integration/Optimization)


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