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Program Management

  • Program Management (Risk, Schedule, CM, Metrics)

  • Financial Management

  • CMMI / ISO Maturity

  • Procurement Management / SCRA

Program Management

Cyber Security

Potential damage from cyber threats represent high stakes for government agencies. Exposing personally identifiable information of citizens or organizations could unleash a chain reaction that is both dangerous and costly to individuals and the US Economy. Anticipating and minimizing cyber threats requires the ability to stay ahead of a moving target of bad actors.

  • Active Cyber Defence

  • SecDevOps

  • Penetration Testing

  • Fraud Detection

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Access & Identity Management

  • Data Loss Prevention

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Cyber Security

System Engineering & Integration

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In the last decade, the Federal government has realized the need to break down organizational silos. In doing so, government agencies have become familiar with the challenges of integrating a system of systems (SoS), where the challenges in changing the old paradigm to a new way of managing data, systems, infrastructure and security, are great. Agencies have come to rely on experienced Systems Integrators (SI) to manage these large-scale data challenges.

  • Strategic Planning / Enterprise Business Management

  • Architecture

  • Development & Testing

  • Cyber Operations Planning

  • Agency Horizontal Integration For Modernization.

  • Identity Access & Management

System Engineering & Integration

Cloud & Infrastructure

The adoption of cloud technology throughout government is growing rapidly. Lessons learned, risk management strategies, and best practices to achieve program objectives and efficiencies are still evolving and not fully understood by government and vendors until they’ve supported an effort of similar size, scope, and complexity.

  • Infrastructure Engineering for OnPrem

  • Cloud & Private Cloud

  • Physical Security

  • Migration of Legacy Applications To Cloud

  • Hadoop & Dynamic Scaling On Cloud

  • AWS GovCloud

  • FISMA Compliance

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Cloud & Infrastructure

Mission Critical Services

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Properly servicing your IT environment is a critical component of an organization’s ability to meet their stated mission. An IT partner that supports government organizations both strategically and operationally, and understand the stated mission and landscape is an asset to your data-driven team.

  • NOC / SOC Operations

  • Call Center

  • Tier 1-3 IT Help Desk

  • Facilities Design & Management

  • Operations Management

  • SCA Management

Mission Critical Operations

Big Data & Analytics

Big data at its core is about automating and analyzing structured and unstructured data to provide insight into human behaviors to enhance decision making. A suite of hardware, services, and software are necessary to properly leverage the benefits of a big data strategy and further a critical government mission.

  • Big Data Storage / Approaches

  • RDBMS & Document Management

  • Visualization

  • Analytics

  • Security Events Correlation

  • Dashboards / Visualizations

  • Machine Learning

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Big Data & Analytics
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