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Mission Critical Services

Properly servicing your IT environment is a critical component of an organization’s ability to meet their stated mission. An IT partner that supports government organizations both strategically and operationally, and understand the stated mission and landscape is an asset to your data-driven team.
Strategic data management and architecture is the heart of achieving mission critical success. We partner to engineer your data so that the end goal is fortified and secure. We are relentless at aligning mission with strategic data decision making and management.
An experienced IT operations team that can scale is a modern necessity. IDP can take the end user support needs off your hands and allow you to focus on meeting your mission.


Our solutions include:

•    Meeting your Service Levels with experienced program management resources to manage your End User Support system.

•    Delivering properly sized, functional and secure solutions with our skilled engineering teams.

•    Impeccable Service Delivery with our qualified and dependable operation resources

IDP offers flexible solutions that range from staffing your existing support infrastructure to providing a fully staffed IDP managed computing environment. IDP can supply full server, networking, security, email, and storage at your facility or distributed to leased space, along with the engineering and System Administration staffing needed to sustain your daily operations.

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•     Data Governance
•     Application Development
•     Cyber Operations Planning
•     Measured Data Usage
•     End-User Computing Management
•     ITIL Service Processes


•     Account Management
•     Incident/Ticket Management
•     Work-order Management
•     Repairs
•     Replacements
•     Configuration Management
•     Service Desk


•     Agile Software Development
•     Operations and Maintenance
•     Help Desk Functions


•     Move, Add, Change
•     Desktop Imaging


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