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Potential damage from cyber threats represent high stakes for government agencies. Exposing personally identifiable information of citizens or organizations could unleash a chain reaction that is both dangerous and costly to individuals and the US Economy. Anticipating and minimizing cyber threats requires the ability to stay ahead of a moving target of bad actors. We have experience designing, developing and operating complex and secure cloud programs. We use full-spectrum cybersecurity to protect original sources of data, our citizens and government, our military, corporations, financial institutions, and other businesses.

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•     Knowledge Management
•     Security Program Management
•     Systems Requirements Planning
•     Intrusion Prevention
•     Log Scanning Audit & Analysis
•     Configuration Management
•     Multi-factor Authentication
•     AES-256 Encryption
•     FIPS 140-2

•     ICT supply chain threat

•     Information Assurance Compliance

•     Integrated Risk Management

•     Access and Identity Management
•     Advanced Persistent Threat Testing
•     Air Gap Analysis
•     Attack Patterns
•     Blacklist Processes
•     Cyber Operations Planning
•     Exploitation Analysis

•     Software Assurance and Security Engineering

•     Strategic Planning and Policy Development


•     Anti-virus Protection
•     Cryptanalysis
•     Securely Provision
•     RMP NIST

•     Cryptanalysis


•     National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) 
•     Anti-virus Protection
•     Securely Provision


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