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The adoption of cloud technology throughout government is growing rapidly. Lessons learned, risk management strategies, and best practices to achieve program objectives and efficiencies are still evolving and not fully understood by government and vendors until they’ve supported an effort of similar size, scope, and complexity.  


IDP understands the complexities that Federal government organizations face when making cloud migration and data security decisions. We consider it our job to predict, perform and protect. The experience we have from performing major cloud migration projects with aggressive schedules, size/scale, and critical cyber protection requirements means we can help government clients navigate cloud migrations, mitigate risk, save time and money and improve benefit-to-cost ratios.

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•     Migration of Legacy Applications to Cloud
•     Operational Governance Control
•     Disaster Recovery Planning
•     Multitenancy (and Resource Pooling)
•     Elasticity
•     Data Storage Management
•     Resiliency
•     Encryption and Decryption
•     Infrastructure as a Service
•     Software as a Service
•     Platform as a Service
•     Infrastructure Engineering for On-Premise
•     Cloud & Private Cloud
•     Hybrid Cloud
•     Vendor Management

•     Vendor Management
•     Online Backup and Restoration
•     Network & Email Security
•     User Account Management
•     Security Patch Management
•     Software License Reporting
•     Server Management
•     Workstation Management
•     Metrics Management and Reporting
•     Quality Assurance
•     Health Monitoring
•     Project & Strategic Planning
•     IT Process Improvements
•     Audit Preparation
•     Website Maintenance
•     Custom Application Development



•     AWS& GovCloud
•     Azure
•     Hadoop and dynamic scaling on the cloud
•     T-Scoring (methodology to assess cloud migration suitability)

•     Migration Roadmap

•     Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FEDRamp) Certification

•     Risk Management Framework (RMF) Scoring

•     Active Cyber Defense Compliance

•     Hybrid delivery models

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